Enjoy a variety of wunderbar recipes

Traditional Beer Boiled Bratwurst

Our Bräts are made locally by Paradise Bräts. Grilled and then Boiled in an old family "lager-batter" until perfect. Served in an authentic bröchen (roll) and topped with your choice of white wine sauerkraut, Düsseldorf style mustard and spicy horseradish or try it with our curry ketchup.

Karottensuppe / Carrot soup

A family favorite.  Our carrot soup is made with a blend of potatoes,Onions, herbs and German seasonings, topped with fresh parsley, a spoonful cream cheese and Served with a Brötchen.


(German "drop" pasta) an egg noodle which can be added to any soup for $1.50 or buy it separately as
- Käse (cheese) Spätzle made fresh and baked with Swiss cheese and bread crumbs.
- Tradional style sautéed in butter and served with fresh parsley and nutmeg

Kartoffelsuppe / Potato Soup

Healthy pieces of potato, carrots, onions and celery, sautéed with bacon and simmered to perfection with smoked pork sausage Guaranteed to satisfy. 

Spargelsuppe / Asparagus Soup

Sweet asparagus cooked with lemon and cream. Seasoned with herbs and puréed smooth, delicious when served hot or cold this soups is the perfect "pick me up"

German Goulasch / Goulash soup

Tender beef roast, onions, garlic and 3 kinds of peppers stewed in tomato-beef broth, seasoned with Hungarian paprika and served with chopped potato. This soup will make you say "ich bin sat!" (I'm full) and be happy about it.

Lauch und Käsesuppe / Leek and Cheese Soup

Ripe and tasty leeks are cut, seasoned and sautéed with 93% Lean beef then stewed and blended with our velvety cheese Pottage. 

Erbspüree / Split Pea Soup

Green and yellow peas are split and brewed with celery, onion Carrots,and potatoes then slow cooked with a marjoram infused, ham steak. The ham is then cubed and served.

Brokkolisuppe / Broccoli Soup

Crisp broccoli florets are sautéed with onion and German seasonings, mulled and puréed with steamed potatoes and sour cream. This silky soup is a wonderful side or a great mid day meal.

Käsesuppe / Cheese Soup

A thick vegetable broth is infused with cream, butter and Imported Gouda cheese. Mixed with garlic, herbs and topped with browned onions, then garnished with fresh chives and parsley.


about DEUTSCHLAND 808 German Food and Soups in Hawaii and where I can find the Food-Truck "Schultz".